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This view of the Battery Point Lighthouse is from the side yard of our Crescent City Vacation Rental. The miniature roses bloom in late spring to summer. Just a few steps from here to the beach and you can walk on down to the Battery Point Lighthouse. Walking out to the Lighthouse Park is done only at low tides, as it becomes an island at high tide. The lighthouse keeper has to regulate his life by the tides, as well, coming and going only when safe. Tide tables are available in the Del Norte Triplicate and elsewhere. The Battery Point Light House Museum can be toured according to schedule in warmer months only. A copy of this schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen when it is published every year. You can visit the peninsula any time even if there is no tour. It's worth the walk. You can also drive down to the end of A Street to shorten the walk.


Battery Point Beach House - beach front vacation rental
3rd & Wendell Street, Crescent City, Del Norte County, California

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