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Things to see and do near your Crescent City Vacation Rental

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Walk out to the Battery Point Lighthouse
at low tide
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battery point light house

Low tide is the only time to access the Battery Boint Lighthouse. It's an island at high tide. The keepers of the lighthouse also are restricted to coming and going with the tides. This beachcomber chooses to explore the rocks on the way. Farther up the beach you can stay on sand for easier walking. It is a wonderful setting just to be in. Sometimes it seems like this shoreline puts you in another dimension. Sea life abounds: harbor seals, sea lions, pelicans, gulls and many other birds. Whales also play in the Pacific close to shore. The battery Point lighthouse can be reached, without the walk, by driving to the parking area at the end of A Street.


Battery Point Beach House - beach front vacation rental
3rd & Wendell Street, Crescent City, Del Norte County, California

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