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Things to see and do near your Crescent City Vacation Rental

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tule elk near Orick photo by patt wardlawkaw

You might encounter Tule Elk driving north from the Crescent City Vacation Rental towards the town of Smith River. Sometimes they stop traffic crossing the freeway. Often they can be seen browsing in the same fields as cattle or horses. They leap fences the domestic animals don't (usually).

This photograph is taken south on 101 near Orick. If you drive to Crescent City from Eureka to the south, you will pass the Stone Lagoon, its Park and the Stone Lagoon School. Elk often browse in the area but they are not tame. DO NOT APPROACH!

Observe these magnificent beasts from your vehicle. There is a General Store behind the school and the Lagoon is reported to have excellent fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout.

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