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Image of Fern Canyon

South of the Crescent City Vacation Rental, off US 101, is a magic place called Fern Canyon. It is said every fern indigenous to the west coast grows there. The sign at the entrance reads, "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures" and the sight deserves it.

The canyon is located some 20 miles south of Klamath in Prairie Creek Redwood Park and accessible by road or trail. The trail is a fairly long one, beginning near the Park Office. It is a marvelous adventure through this amazing Redwood Fores and well worth the effort for hikers. The creek that is seen along the way enters the Pacific and carved out Fern Canyon in the last 1/3 mile before the trail reaching the beach area. Please consult a map and get directions to the Park where there is always an excellent chance of observing Tule Elk (don't try to approach them). Nearby, there is a road around the park to Fern Canyon. Again, directions are a must. The beach there is called Gold Bluff Beach because early arrivals simply picked the exposed nuggets out of the cliffs. There are none left. The beach has excellent Red Ear Surf Perch fishing.

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