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Things to see and do near your Crescent City Vacation Rental

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The towering redwoods of Stout Grove
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
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Photo of towering redwoods

Locally also known as Jed Smith Park, this pristine park consists of several Redwood Groves. Stout Grove is home to the Stout Tree.

Stout Grove is easily accessed from the Battery Point Beach House Rental in two ways: just south of Crescent City on US Highway 101, Elk Valley Road turns off to the left. It forks a mile or so later to Elk Valley to the left and Howland Hill Road to the right. Howland Hill Road enters the Park from south of the Smith River and leads to Stout Grove after it becomes a twisty dirt road.

There are many interesting trails along the way including The Boy Scout Trail, Nickerson Ranch Trail and Mill Creek Trail. "RETURN OF THE JEDI" was filmed in this area.

Stout Grove has a nice parking area and rest room facilities. The trail to the Stout Tree and Smith River is a good one.

The other way to get to Stout Grove is to take Highway 199 of 101 north of Crescent City. It goes up the north bank of the Smith River and passes the main entrance to Jed. Smith Park. Further up 199 a turn of at the Forks of the River leads to a road down the south bank to Stout Grove.

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