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View from the deck

Dungeness Crab is a wonderful treat and the Pacific Coast off Northern California is a prime fishing area for them. Crab fishing season for commercial fishermen opens on December 1. Sometimes the opening is delayed until the crabbers' association agrees to a price with the buyers.

The Crescent City Fleet brings in an annual catch four times the size of that from the San Francisco fleet. This picture was taken at dawn on December first as the fleet was picking up their crab pots, set the day before, and heading in with the first catch of the season. Hardy fishermen, they must work all hours and all kinds of weather. Much of the Crescent City catch is bought for commercial freezing. If you're in town when fresh crab is available, it is a real treat, whether served at one of the fine restaurants or bought fresh for home preparation. Sport fishermen may take crab during other dates and visitors can crab off the pier near the Battery Point Beach House rental. Many locals set crab pots (traps) from small boats near shore.

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