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This shore shows the Battery Point Beach House, your Crescent City Vacation Rental, in the background. The pebbled beach is great for beachcombing at low tide (see tide tables). Starfish, tiny minnows, crabs, anemone, snails, sea slugs and starfish abound. We ask you not to remove them from their homes when you comb the beach. There are plenty of empty shells to collect as well as interesting pebbles. That's why they call it Pebble Beach. Swimming is not safe due to the rocks but there are plenty of sandy beaches nearby if you like the water a little cool. There is surfing and one of the world's most famous surfers has a surf shop in Crescent City. There is also a surfing meet every year.
Battery Point Beach House - beach front vacation rental
3rd & Wendell Street, Crescent City, Del Norte County, California

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